April 18, 2021
Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki Concert Tickets at the Aragon Ballroom

Artist: Steve Aoki Tickets: Here Date: 2/27/2020 Venue: Aragon Ballroom
ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward Concert Tickets at the House of Blues

Artists: ZZ Ward and Patrick Droney Tickets: Here Date: 3/12/2020 Venue: House of Blues
Vic Torres "El Professor Vic-Enstein

Video: Vic Torres releases “El Professor Vic Enstein”

Vic Torres releases new music “El Professor Vic Enstein.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsYWftwlpYU Bass: Vic Torres Drums: Darryl Howell Electric Guitars: Lawrence Jones and Anders Nordstrom Organ: Lennard ...
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Marc E Bassy

Marc E Bassy Concert Tickets at Lincoln Hall

Artists: Marc E Bassy Tickets: Here Date: 3/1/2020 Venue: Lincoln Hall
Aventura Inmortal

Aventura Inmortal Concert Tickets at the United Center

Artist: Aventura Inmortal Tickets: Here Date: 2/27/2020 Venue: United Center
Kojey Radical

Kojey Radical Concert Tickets at Schubas

Artists: Kojey Radical Tickets: Here Date: 2/19/2020 Venue: Schubas

Sango Concert Tickets at the Bottom Lounge

Artists: Sango Tickets: Here Date: 2/18/2020 Venue: Bottom Lounge
Roddy Ricch. The Antisocial Tour. Photo: Ted Vernon. ChicagoMusic.com

Photos: Roddy Ricch “The Antisocial Tour” Chicago

Roddy Ricch brings his “The Antisocial Tour” to Chicago. The 3 time Grammy Award nominee had fans of all walks of life in the Patio ...
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Jaquees Concert Tickets at the House of Blues

Artist: Jacquees Tickets: Here Date: 2/9/2020 Venue: House of Blues
Deadmau5 By Jesus Pizano

deadmau5 / CUBE V3-2020 Tour Concert Tickets at Navy Pier

Artists: deadmau5, Getter and BlackGummy Tickets: Here Date: 2/01/2020 Venue: Navy Pier
Amber Liu

Amber Liu Concert Tickets at the House of Blues

Artists: Amber Liu, Meg & Dia, and Justice Carradine Tickets: Here Date: 2/1/2020 Venue: House of Blues
Riot Fest 2018

City of Chicago Announces “Year of Chicago Music”

Chicago is a global music leader. Its musical heritage is legendary as the birthplace of house and gospel music, urban blues and modern jazz, and ...
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