Ibeyi Red Bull 30 Days in Chicago at the Metro

French/Cuban Twins Ibeyi Inspire the Metro as Part of Red Bull 30 Days in Chicago

Koda opened up the night.  The tiny guy with a bigger voice hit his high notes, while his bassist and guitar player seemed to enjoy themselves while keeping a low profile throughout the set.  The singer/guitarist had two mics, one for his unaltered singing voice and another for a more distorted voice. Chicago local theMIND kept a pretty interactive set, starting with shoutouts for people who knew him and those who don’t, whom he affectionately referred to as his “new friends.”  He kept trying to get the crowd involved, encouraging…

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Chicago Music Mix: What You Should Hear

From Hip-Hop to House to Indie and everything in between, we want to spotlight our favorite songs and artists playing in the city in our weekly Chicago Music Mix. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for us to consider, tweet us, post on our Facebook, or leave a message in the comments below! Chicago Music Mix Playlist featuring Queens of the Stone Age, Wu-Tang Clan, Miguel, Vic Mensa,  + More  

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