ODESZA, Sofi Tukker, and Louis Futon Bring an Unforgettable Spectacle to UIC Pavilion

Very rarely, we get really lucky and experience a concert that is not only a blast from start to finish, but also a shining example of musicians who excel at performing and clearly love what they do.  This was one of those experiences where every single person who stepped on-stage was happy to be there, setting of an afterglow of bliss into the crowd. The show started off with a minimalist set consisting only of Louis Futon, his laptop, equipment, and a huge smile. For anyone whose seen videos of…

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Chicago Music Mix: What You Should Hear

From Hip-Hop to House to Indie and everything in between, we want to spotlight our favorite songs and artists playing in the city in our weekly Chicago Music Mix. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for us to consider, tweet us, post on our Facebook, or leave a message in the comments below! Chicago Music Mix Playlist featuring Queens of the Stone Age, Wu-Tang Clan, Miguel, Vic Mensa,  + More  

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