November 29, 2023

Cherry Glazerr Sold Out Show at Subterranean

Cherry Glazerr

On January 28th Cherry Glazerr played a sold out show at Subterranean. The all-ages crowd brought a youthful energy to the show with their love of music, and excitement for not only the headliner but the openers as well. Accompanying them were the Los Angeles-based, Slow Hollows and Chicago girl garage rockers Lala Lala.

Cherry Glazerr front woman Clementine Creevy started the band at age 15. Now 19 years old, Creevy owns the stage like a seasoned veteran with her four years of performing under the belt. Their latest album, Apocalipstick, also highlights her development as an artist, with many songs expressing female empowerment.

With new members Sasami Ashworth (keys/guitar) and Tabor Allen (drums), Cherry Glazerr has found their stride. If you ever get a chance to see the trio– go! You won’t be disappointed.

Pussy Bites Back Tour 2017 Set List

  • Sip O’ Poison
  • Nuclear Bomb
  • Had Ten Dollaz
  • Instagratification/Apocalipstick
  • Told You I’d Be with the Guys
  • White’s Not My Color This Evening
  • Stupid Fish
  • Teenage Girl
  • Trick or Treat Dancefloor
  • Only Kid on the Block
  • Nurse Ratched
  • Daddi
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chewing Cud
  • Territorial Pissing