November 28, 2023

Cate Le Bon at Lincoln Hall with Tim Presley

Cate Le Bon

On February 4th Cate Le Bon graced Chicago with a performance at Lincoln Hall. This show was a real treat and a unique experience. Opening for Le Bon was Tim Presley (White Fence), a well-known collaborator of Le Bon. The duo having previously released an album entitled Hermits on Holiday together under the name DRINKS in 2015.

The two sets were paired well and flowed together perfectly. This was done through similar musical stylings in addition to the artists sharing their band with one another. Le Bon even played bass for Presley, in addition, to Presley coming out at the end of Le Bon’s set to accompany her.

This tour drew from Cate Le Bon’s 2016 LP, Crab Day. Popular songs from the album that excited and enticed the crowd were “Love Is Not Love” and “Wonderful.” Le Bon’s most recent release in the EP entitled Rock Pool which dropped in in January 2017.

In regards to Crab Day, Le Bon has been quoted stating:

“A coalition of inescapable feelings and fabricated nonsense, each propping the other up. Crab Day is an old holiday. Crab Day is a new holiday. Crab Day isn’t a holiday at all.” — C. Le Bon

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