Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns return at The Regent in L.A. with their “We Are Pilots” 10th Anniversary Show

The Shiny Toy Guns had taken a year and 4 month break before returning to the stage this past Friday. They had last played at The Metro to help say farewell to Kill Hannah back in December of 2015.

This show was a celebration of their first album “We Are Pilots“. Fans were eager to be a part of the night and the show sold out pretty quickly. When the bill was announced, they brought in 2 great supporting acts. Australia’s Chase Atlantic and another L.A. act, Kitten.

Their return was at The Regent Theater in the art district of downtown L.A. and it was packed to the brim with concert goers ready to dance the night away. Chase Atlantic is a yet to be known group that took the stage first.  Their sound is alternative pop with hints of Rock and R&B. They had a short set, but impressed fans there to see Shiny Toy Guns.

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Kitten performed next and have a revamped lineup and look.  Chloe Chaidez, lead singer, is the only remaining original member currently. She has an energy that fans take in and are sucked into every move she makes. Their set was extremely passionate and in your face.  Even when they covered the Cure’s “Pictures of You”, the crowd could not take their eyes off of Chloe. What really stood out from their set was “Fall On Me”, “Cut It Out”, and “Kitten With A Whip”. Chloe and her current band mates put on an awesome set and show fans that they can wow crowds.  I hope we see them back in Chicago soon.

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The set that everyone had been waiting for was on point.  Shiny Toy Guns had not skipped a beat after their hiatus. They came to play “We Are Pilots” in it’s entirety sprinkled with a few more songs that were played heavily in the early days of their touring. The way they presented the album was in a mixed up order. It was great for fans because it added a bit of a surprise to the set as opposed to the set being played in chronological order. Mikey was a beast on the kit as always. He is a true showman every time he sets foot on stage. I noticed he had a sweet tribute for his daughter by putting her name on the front of his bass drum for the show.

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Carah Faye danced around the stage throughout the set with portions of the show playing bass and keyboard. Her positivity has given fans hope and the strength to be who they feel most comfortable with throughout the years.  Friday night was no different. She is a beacon of light for the fans and that speaks volumes in this day and age. One thing that grabs fans focus is her carefree chemistry with Mikey, Chad, and Jeremy. It peaks when they perform “Rocketship” with her showering each of the guys with water multiple times during the song.  You can see that they are very polished when performing, but have a blast playing in the process.

Chad and Carah nail each song with their mesmerizing vocals while Jeremy plays the keyboard so meticulously. The other highlights of the night were when they gave fans “Rainy Monday”, “Shaken”, “Le Disko”, “You Are The One”, and “Stripped”.

Shiny Toy Guns gave fans a hard hitting and beautiful show. Honestly it’s not a question of if, but when they come back to Chicago. It will be soon so make it a point to see them. You will not be disappointed. Oh and the show will sell out. Don’t miss them if you can make it to one of the upcoming shows they have scheduled currently.


1. Intro > 2. When They Came For Us > 3. Starts With One > 4. Jackie Will Save Me > 5. Shaken > 6. Chemistry of a Car Crash > 7. Le Disko > 8. Stripped (Depeche Mode cover) > 9. We Are Pilots > 10. Rocketship > 11. Don’t Cry Out


12. Waiting > 13. Major Tom (Pete Schilling cover) > 14. Rainy Monday > 15. You Are The One


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