June 14, 2024

On the Radar: Green Day, a year without Bowie, 2017 albums + more

This week in music was filled with tour announcements, remembering Mr. Bowie, R. Kelly rumors, and more. Check out what’s been picking at my brain on this week’s On the Radar.

Green Day plays Wrigley Field 

If you’ve been following long enough, you know I love Green Day. I got a rare chance to see their epic show at the Aragon last year. When I heard they were doing a second North American leg, I was ready to rack up more charges on my credit card. That is, until I learned where they are playing: Wrigley Field. Green Day sent fans into a frenzy this week when they announced even more tour dates for their already packed Revolution Radio tour. Along with the customary stadiums, Green Day will be playing their first ever concert at Chicago landmark on August 24th.

On one hand, it’s cool they’re playing at Wrigley. On the other, it kind of sucks for fans who don’t want to plunk down so much cash. Seeing a concert at Wrigley Field never appealed to me. Where’s the stage gonna be? How much will I actually see? And how’s the sound? I’m not the type of person who goes to shows just to say I went. I want to actually see the band on stage with my own eyes. I know that’s not happening at Wrigley. And getting a spot in the pit? Forget about it. Those kids will be lining up for days if they can to ensure a spot right in front of the stage. I haven’t hit 30 yet and I’m too old for that.

But if you really want a great spot you can always spend $450 on a VIP package. It includes necessary items, such as a blanket, a laminated pass, guaranteed entry, and a disposable camera. Let that last one sink in a little bit. Do they still make those? No, you don’t get to meet the band or anything like that. The VIP trend is a horrible ticketing scheme that we can talk about another day. For now, if you want tickets, they go on sale January 20th. Tickets for other shows are on sale now.

A Perfect Circle announce new album

I’ve never been a big fan of Tool, which is why I don’t know the pain of waiting for their next album. But I do dig James Maynard Keenan’s other band, A Perfect Circle. The band haven’t released any new material since 2006’s eMOTIVE and their future seemed uncertain. So imagine my surprise when I see news that not only are the band going on tour this year, they’re recording a new album. Guitarist Billy Howerdel offered fans an update and said: “Getting back to writing music with A Perfect Circle is a great way to start the new year.”

A Perfect Circle’s tour kicks off April 7 with two shows in Las Vegas. The outing wraps up May 7 in Los Angeles. At this point, there’s no date for Chicago. Does this mean they aren’t playing here or will they appear on a festival bill? The band are already hitting up various festivals during the tour. And with Tool headlining the Governor’s Ball it wouldn’t be a surprise if the band appeared on the bill for Lolla or Riot Fest. But we’ll have to wait to find out. And since it seems like we won’t be getting that album anytime soon, I’m just gonna spin their 2000 effort Mer de Noms.

A Year without Bowie

This week marked a year since David Bowie’s death on January 10, 2016 and he’s still sorely missed. Fans, friends, and admirers all over gave their respects to the late singer either through kind words or interpreting his art. Seeing the outpouring of love and respect left me in awe of how we’ll never hear this man’s voice again. He left the world with so much wonderful music, it’s still hard to think we lost him. Yeah, everyone has to die at some point, but Bowie was one of those people you’d like to imagine those rules didn’t apply. He was an alien, an other worldly being who would always be around. Or at least that’s what we wanted to think.

It’s sad to think the Thin White Duke won’t be singing anymore, but at least he’s left us with wonderful music. Rather than fighting back tears at the mention of his name, I’ve been playing my favorite Bowie songs. Yes, even “Dancing in the Street.” Hearing songs like “Let’s Dance,” “Suffragette City,” and “Fame” puts a huge smile on my face. It brings back memories of first learning about Bowie and singing at the top of my lungs with my mom. So hopefully you celebrated Bowie’s life with one of his stellar albums. With his music, he’ll never be forgotten.

R. Kelly sets the record straight

R Kelly
R. Kelly

Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, we all know what’s about to go down in Washington. Let’s just say a cheeto-faced man is going to invade Washington. One of the biggest stories surrounding this, you know, the ones that don’t involve his confirmed sexual harassment, is who is performing at Trump’s inauguration. Or should I say, who won’t be performing.  For the past month, we’ve all laughed at how absolutely no one signed on for the inauguration. So far the lineup includes a Bruce Springsteen cover band, America’s Got Talent runner up Jackie Evancho, The Rockettes, 3 Doors Down, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Pretty sorry, right? Things got weirder when rumors spread that R.Kelly would perform at the ceremony. It started when it was revealed the Trump team yet again failed to book a marquee singer along with the release of an unverified dossier that stated Trump booked a “golden shower” with prostitutes in Moscow. So of course, the internet brings in R. Kelly.

Now, the singer has set the record state. Making a yellow post on his Instagram account he states “Despite the rumors circulating online, R. Kelly will not be performing at this years inauguration ceremony. Any reports stating otherwise are simply untrue.” So we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing one of Chicago’s own won’t be involved with that shitshow. It seems Kelly is taking the stance of other musicians; they know playing the ceremony is a career killer. So, sorry 3 Doors Down.

Anticipated Albums of 2017

This week has been filled with bands confirming new music coming in the future. Slowdive released their first new song in 22 years. Ed Sheeran announced his next album and Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin is gearing up to release his third solo album. With all the recent news it seems there’s going to be a lot of great music to look forward to this year. Of course, there’s a handful of releases I can’t wait to hear, so let’s take a look at my anticipated 2017 albums.

AFI – AFI (Jan. 20)

Say10 – Marilyn Manson (Feb. 14)

Queens of the Stone Age – TBA

Spirit – Depeche Mode (TBA)

Nine Inch Nails – TBA

Gorillaz – TBA