May 20, 2024

Awaken, My Love! Childish Gambino’s album is full of soulful music

Awaken, My Love! is proof that Donald Glover can do absolutely anything in entertainment, and truthfully you’d be the odd man out if you didn’t like it. He can rap, stand up comedy, sing, act, write TV shows…seriously anything, and it’s all above average. Awaken, My Love! is no different. This album is throwback soul and it’s probably going to lose a lot of his younger fans. But who cares man, it’s dope!

This album reminds me of the documentaries I’ve seen about the ’60’s movements and the free love, and the sounds of that era. I listen to this and visualize women burning bra’s, the Panthers marching [or “rioting“] and soul singers overdosing on heroine [“Boogieman” and “Zombies”]. It’s soul power for the new millennium and it’s a great message in song on this album [“Have Some Love” and “Stand Tall”]. Your uncle is going to want to burn his reefer slow to this, and your parents are going to get up and slow-dance after hollering, “HEEEEYYYYYYY! This real music right here!”

You might be able to leave it in when “Terrified” comes on. Just a thought.

Awaken, My Love! is the love child of Prince, Hendrix, Pharrell, Sly, The Family Stone and Lenny Kravitz. I couldn’t really pick a “must-listen-to song” for this project. You really just have to let it play, and if you got an ounce of soul in you; You’re going to like it. In a time where a lot of R&B sounds like melodic rap on a trap beat and the running theme is “f**k these h*es, if I can’t f**k these h*es”, Childish Gambino gave us a timeless album that is going to resonate with you on a day when you’re in a “I don’t want to hear that bulls**t” mood.

Not many artists can capture a sound from an era they weren’t born in yet, make it sound current. But, somehow Childish Gambino managed to do that phenomenally with this album. This is a far cry from Camp, Because The Internet and STN MTN/Kauai, but the instrumentation, production and vocals front to back on this album are amazing!

With all the respect in the world, this album is dope and many will give this critical acclaim. Many people will probably tell you that you need to listen to this album. I wholeheartedly agree, but I’d still much rather hear ‘Bino rap. Here’s to hoping a great project with BARS is on the way in 2017.

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Just wanted to share that because it’s one of the greatest covers ever in life. Donald Glover can really do anything, dog. It’s unfair. It’s just unfair.