October 1, 2023

Queen Mary J. Blige Wins, Again! Strength of A Woman is Fire!

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is and will always be, Mary J. Blige. Let’s never forget that ever in life. The gift and curse of the life of Mary J. Blige is the people clamor to “Hurt Mary”. Why? Well, first of all, because millions of women are hurt across the world. Secondly, misery really seems to love company. It’s no secret Mary wins with pain content. Strength of A Woman is a testament to that. Mary wins start to finish on this album. The music is passionate, revealing and soulful. Everything that specifically R&B music is missing right now.

The main idea of the album is that Mary’s ex-husband ain’t sh*t, he’s not going to get sh*t, but he is going to get his! He really hurt Queen Mary bad, and the result is beautiful disastrous music. The content is clear and consistent yet none of the songs sound identical. We also learn how hard Mary J. Blige loves in marriage. The collaborations on paper may have you like, WTF!? However, when you hear them. They sound damn near perfect! It’s crazy. Mary is a product of hip-hop culture, soul music and pain. We should never doubt a Queen and a vet to this music game. Let’s talk the many highlights of Strength of A Woman.

The album opens with “Love Yourself” featuring Kanye West. Regardless of how you feel personally, Kanye West makes very few musical mistakes. “Glow Up” with DJ Khaled, Quavo and Missy, is the perfect combination of all parties on the right groove. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but it did and it actually is a “fun record” on this album.

The use of Mary’s falsetto on “Set Me Free” make it my favorite on my album. When you sing “there’s a special place in hell for you” in a high pitch. It’s real. I love this song! I also really liked “Indestructible”. You got to love like you never been hurt, is a bar! That’s real life whether you are a man or a woman.

“Smile” with Prince Charlez is a very smooth duet that will be well received by your ears. “Thick of It” was the prequel, so you already love this song. U+Me [Love Lesson] will get serious burn. That’s classic 90’s Mary right there. The album ends with “Hello Father”. It’s a song giving thanks to the creator and I feel like Mary Mary should hop on the remix.

Fellas. Whatever bulls**t you on right now, get off it. You don’t want your girl loving this album too much. She can like it. But if she love it? It might be over you, my G. I’m just being honest. Seriously, get out while you can. Save your social media notifications and spare her heart the pain. It’s just better this way. Mary J. Blige; We love you. You’re great. You are awesome and I hope you find ultimate happiness. Queen Mary wins again, but you deserve for the hurt to be over.