September 30, 2023

The Lemon Twigs Sold Out Show at the Empty Bottle

The Lemon Twigs

Long Island rockers, The Lemon Twigs played a sold out show this past Thursday at the Empty Bottle. The duo is made up of by brothers Brian (19) and Michael (17) D’Addario. As young as they are, the pair started playing music early with their first collaboration occurring in middle school. This led to their current band, The Lemon Twigs, being formed nearly three years ago.

Their new album, Do Hollywood, which was produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, is being hailed as The Lemon Twigs’ musical debut. However, this isn’t true, as in 2014, they released a limited-edition cassette called What We Know.

The band started out the set at the Empty Bottle by playing  ‘I Wanna Prove to You’ and ‘Haroomata.’ As the set continued, the audience was graced with what could be considered the most popular songs off of Do Hollywood,  ‘These Words‘ and ‘As Long As We’re Together.‘ The Lemon Twigs then finished with a bang with the yet to be released, ‘Queen of My School.’

Halfway through their set, just as the audience believed it couldn’t get any better, Brian and Michael switched instruments. When we already thought that the music was at its best, the two of them came into their element. While Brian took control of the driving beat on the drums, Michael dominated the stage with his high kicks and lead guitar.

The Lemon Twigs were joined on Thursday by the Nashville-based Savoy Motel, and Chicago rockers Glyders. Savoy Motel was the real treat of the night. They took the audience by surprise with their unique stylings of what can best be described as boogie rock.