May 27, 2024

Kevin Garrett’s “False Hope” EP dropped following a sold out show in Chicago

Kevin Garrett

There is a new voice that’s preparing to take the R&B and Pop world by storm. It belongs to Pittsburg’s own, Kevin Garrett. His new EP False Hope was dropped following his sold out show in Chicago and it’s everything your heart needs while you’re on loves rollercoaster.

False Hope is a strong 5 song EP that tackles love, pain and the anxieties that come with that. The production is ill and Kevin’s voice is gold every track.

“Pulling Me Under” is sure to be a favorite amongst Kevin Garrett’s day one and new fans. This song was a big hit at his sold out show at Lincoln Hall. Another instant crowd pleaser was “A Little Bit of You”. I expect to hear on the next big chick flick or love story to hit theaters. The EP opens with “A Heart Like Yours”. It’s a ballad that transitions in and out of a crazy bounce, but doesn’t mess up the chill vibe it carries till the end.

Kevin Garrett
Kevin Garrett at Lincoln Hall on the False Hope tour. Photo: Jason Pinkney

False Hope may be the project you listen to and decide it’s time to make forever happen with your significant other. It also could be the project you listen to as you prepare your teary-eyed goodbye. No matter which side of the spectrum you sit on, you will thoroughly enjoy this from beginning to end. If you need a selling point beyond the above. He contributed to Beyonce’s “Pray You Catch Me”. You love Bey right? Well, listen to a great artist she’s worked with. She’s not sleep on Kevin and you shouldn’t be either.

After meeting Kevin Garrett. I can assure you, he’s more than the pain filled soul on this EP. He has a very rich, sultry sound and a great positive vibe. We got a singer that wants to sing about love. Let’s do all we can to make sure he stays winning. I expect great things from him in the very near future. Respect to Kevin Garrett and his smooth and musically layered EP, False Hope.

Get False Hope here.