September 25, 2023

Big Sean drops new album “I Decided” here’s why you should listen

Big Sean

Off Top, I’m a Big Sean fan. I’ve been waiting for a new project from the guy I call “The 1A Emcee of this era”. The “I Decided” album is here and I’m glad Sean took his time with this one.

I Decided is not the always working and bragging on his girl, Sean. This is the deep thought and caring evolution of Sean Anderson. With the expansion of the subject matter he doesn’t slack on the bars. All the above makes this album a must listen.

Even though I didn’t know what to expect. I been waiting for a Big Sean and Eminem track. We finally get that with No Favors. Eminem is in a class of his own lyrically. Sean did right by just letting him do whatever and you already know you have to play this a few times to catch every bar crafted. Spoiler Alert. Ann Coulter gets Marshall Mathers LP level venom on this song.

Light is a great way to kick off the album. Moves is my favorite joint on the album and Sean’s flow on Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan is crazy!

Inspire Me is an ode to Big Sean’s mother. It’s refreshing content to hear at a time where the Black Woman is tired of being the most disrespected being on the planet. Especially, in the majority of rap songs.

To my Surprise, Sacrifices with the Migos was very underwhelming. I really expected much more from this combination, but maybe it will grow on me.

I Decided is Big Sean at his artistic best. He hasn’t lost a step since we first heard him. He’s grown as an artist and as a man and he doesn’t mind sharing his journey with the world. With I Decided, Big Sean has solidified why his name should be in “who runs rap” conversations.

In Close, I’m not really sure why Big Sean has to fight for so much “rap respect” in this era. Every 2 years he delivers something worth our ears. He’s literally one of the few transparent, talented consistencies in the game. Hit Singles, Street Anthems, Self Crafted Bars that stand up with the greats and the rising stars. That’s what y’all ask for right?

I decided Big Sean is one of the best doing it. Salute to Sean Don for dropping another dope album. Listen to the album here.