September 24, 2023

Gorillaz The Now Now Tour at United Center show was a powerhouse of hits


Damon Albarn has had a very impressive career with multiple groups and it has been highlighted by the Gorillaz. The genre melding group has celebrated multiple successful and wildly popular albums over the years. This tour was a massive culmination of what the previous albums have been building up to with Humanz and The Now Now being the summit that have made this show one of the best to see live this year.

Fans packed in to see a visual spectacle that rivals the best live shows you may have seen. The combination of lighting, massive video screen, and an all star line up of special guests made this the perfect live show of 2018.

Damon Albarn brought out De La Soul, Bootie Brown, Jamie Principle, and Peven Everett throughout the show to add their vocal and lyrical talents on tracks “Superfast Jellyfish”, “Strobelite”, “Hollywood”, “Stylo”, “DirtyHarry”, and “Feel Good Inc.”.

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The show was a constant dance party that had fans throughout the United Center participating at any request given to them from on stage. Crowd participation at many shows these days is usually relegated to the closest group of people to the stage, but this show you could easily see that everyone was paying attention to every moment and hanging on every note.

With the setlist nearing 30 songs they pulled out some deep tracks as well as debuting “Shy-Town”. The Gorillaz did not disappoint and put on one of the best live shows of 2018. Definitely a band that any music lover must see when they return to Chicago.

Enjoy the photos below.

Gorillaz Setlist:

  1. M1 A1 > 2. Tranz > 3. Last Living Souls > 4. Rhinestone Eyes > 5. Saturnz Barz > 6. Tomorrow Comes Today > 7. Shy-Town > 8. Magic City > 9. Every Planet We Reach is Dead > 10. 19-2000 > 11. Humility > 12. Superfast Jellyfish (with De La Soul) > 13. On Melancholy Hill > 14. El Mañana > 15. Fire Flies > 16. Strobelite (with Peven Everett) > Interlude: Elevator Going Up > 17. Andromeda > 18. Hollywood (with Jamie Principle) > 19. Stylo (with Peven Everett and Bootie Brown) > 20. Dirty Harry (with Bootie Brown) > 21. Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul) > 22. Souk Eye > 23. Plastic Beach


24. Lake Zurich > 25. Latin Simone (¿Qué Pasa Contigo?) > 26. Kids With Guns > 27. Clint Eastwood > 28. Don’t Get Lost in Heaven > 29. Demon Days