June 15, 2024

Wolf Parade Returns With An Impressive Set, Jams Out Even Harder in Encore at Thalia Hall

Wolf Parade

Tuesday’s cold, rainy night was probably one best spent at home, bundled up in a pile of blankets.  Fortunately for the 1300 or so people at Thalia Hall that night, Wolf Parade made the trek outdoors worth it.   The Canadian indie rockers returned with Cry Cry Cry earlier this month, their first full-length album in nearly seven years.

The show sold out quickly, so it was surprising to see the venue bustling, but still not uncomfortably packed for opener Charly Bliss.  The New York-based rock quartet played a catchy,  bubbly opening set.  Lead singer Eva Hendricks brought tons of energy to the bands performance, rocking out on guitar whenever she stepped away from the mic.  Her perky vocals are reminiscent of 90’s pop-rock outfits like Veruca Salt, Luscious Jackson, and Letters to Cleo.  With a light-hearted sound that would fit right into late 90’s teen movies, Charly Bliss brought some sunshine to one of the first wintry nights of this autumn.

Wolf Parade went on an indefinite hiatus in 2011 and re-formed last year.  They recorded their fourth album and released  just weeks before playing this show. The band opened their set with the moody “Lazarus Online.”  The set largely consisted of  songs from the new album, with a sprinkling of old school tracks sprinkled in.  The crowd bobbed their heads to the roaring riffs, singing along to the old and familiar and dazzled by lights throughout the newer material.   The first few notes of  “I’ll Believe In Anything” sent the crowd  roaring.  They continued playing another two songs before returning for an unexpectedly long encore.  The four-song encore lasted more than 20 minutes with the band jamming out, making the space between songs nearly unrecognizable.  Overall, their set made for an exciting show even with lighting as the only complement to the band’s performance.  While the set stood on its own as an excellent performance, the encore elevated it even more.

Wolf Parade Thalia Hall Photos by Sam Reyes


  • Lazarus Online
  • Soldier’s Grin
  • Grounds for Divorce
  • You’re Dreaming
  • Valley Boy
  • Incantation
  • Fine Young Cannibals
  • Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
  • Flies on the Sun
  • Baby Blue
  • This Heart’s On Fire
  • I’ll Believe In Anything
  • Weaponized
  • King of Piss and Paper


  • You Are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son
  • Fancy Claps
  • Shine a Light
  • Kissing the Beehive