Turnover and Turnstile lead eclectic showcase at Concord Music Hall

Hardcore and indie, dream pop collided when Turnover played a nearly sold-out show at Concord Music Hall on Thursday (May 2). Featuring Chicago band Vortex along with Reptaliens and Turnstile, it was a jarring night that shifted between sweaty, in your face music to slow, mellow easy-going vibes. On paper, it’s a lineup that shouldn’t work and in some ways, it doesn’t, but it made for a memorable if weird concert. As people milled about shopping merch and ordering drinks, local act Vortex hit the stage without warning. Foregoing introductions,…

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Nora Singh

Interview: Hit Bargain’s Nora Singh talks about the new LP, getting older, and why ‘Die Hard’ is awesome

When you make plans to go out for the night they probably don’t involve wrestling your friends, throwing punches, and standing on guy’s faces. For Nora Singh, it’s just another night on tour. Singh is the frontperson for LA’s “queencore” art-punk band, Hit Bargain. They released their debut self-titled EP in 2016 and became known for their ferocious sound and unpredictable live shows. Their new full-length debut, Potential Maximizer, has more of their thrilling sound while providing commentary on the current political state. Singer Nora Singh spoke with Chicago Music…

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