May 29, 2023

Review: K’Valentine’s Definitely “Here For A Reason”

K'Valentine. The Silver Room Block Party Chicago, IL. Photo Kevin Baker

Chicago has another solid emcee with a tremendous upside that is ready to make an impact in the music industry. Her name is K’Valentine and her project titled Here For A Reason proves exactly that. You probably heard K’Valentine for the first time on “These Waters”. It’s collaborative track on the “F**k The Money” album from Talib Kweli and The Legendary 9th Wonder. One thing is for sure. No matter if you listen to K’Valentine or her debut album now. You won’t be disappointed by her lyrical or vocal ability.

The album opens with “She”. It’s has a very energetic bounce and classic cadence that rides. It’s has “Women’s Empowerment Anthem” potential. The song “Atlanta” speaks to her missing the man that definitely has her time and attention. It’s no secret where K’Valentine will be she gets a little down time. Just know that Atlanta is the spot that’s truly holding her down.

Chicago love  is in reciprocation on “That’s Real”. BJ The Chicago Kid lends his smooth, soulful vocals to the hook. The track “US” unveils a “stop, pause and suspense” flow. K’Valentine is tackling Chicago social issues in addition to major issues within Black America. Spoiler Alert: The conversation of “Black Michael Jordan owning prisons” may be rehashed after this song.

My favorite song on the album is “Foreplay”. It’s K’Valentine’s sexy metaphorical display as she details her desire to “make love to some hip-hop”. “Too Much” is a song about love and how it can be lost when feelings get disregarded, communication lacks while another woman enters the picture.

K’Valentine’s debut album is heavy on encouragement and motivation. If you are in the need of that; See songs like “Loudest Whisper” “Hands High” and “Higher Power”. It’s a great listen for anybody turning dreams into goals.

Chicago Hip-Hop Artists K’Valentine

Here For A Reason closes with “Award Show”. It’s an ode to all of her supporters. It’s digs into her passion and how she’s fortunate to be here and doing what she loves. Making music and telling her story the only way she can.

K’Valentine isn’t the cliche woman rapping about how she getting money from ni**as and constantly talking about how good her box is. She’s a break from that standard content that the industry will oversaturate us with time to time. K’Valentine has great depth and understanding of her voice. She has a lyrical prowess that can compete with anyone in the game. Chicago! Let’s keep the pressure of the foot on the industry’s neck with K’Valentine’s debut album. She’s definitely here for a reason.