April 22, 2021

Phantogram pulls out all the stops at the Riviera


Phantogram returned to Chicago to give fans their best show to date. For a day that is known for public intoxication all around the city, (Chicago River Dying), you would think some fans would miss out on the show.  That wasn’t the case though.  The show was sold out and fans were ready to go wild. Phantogram is currently touring in support of their album Three.

The Veldt took the stage first and gave the crowd a great set.  It wasn’t received as well as it should have. The main reason is that they aren’t really the type of band that pairs well with a band like Phantogram. These guys hail from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and they have an avant garde/art pop sound. The Veldt came on to the music season in the early 90’s. They put out three albums before disbanding. They then reformed a few years ago and sound just as great as they did in the 90’s. The set was mesmerizing and beautiful, but I think fans were ready for a harder set than what The Veldt are known for.

No matter what, these guys were amazing and their set was highlighted by their song, “Everlasting Gobstopper”.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R6Vk6CPUj9s”]

Sarah Barthel & Josh Carter took the stage next and from the get go, they pumped out an impressive set. Phantogram kicked everything off with “You’re Mine” and fans went nuts. The visuals and stage set up was something completely different from what you normally see.  It’s very simple in design, but visually impressive. Sarah and Josh flanked each side of the front of the stage with their backup musicians perched high above.

Throughout the night fans were treated to a heavy dose of songs from their most recent album, Three. We were even treated to two songs that were live debuts. “Run Run Blood” and “Calling All”. The highlights of the night were “Mouthful of Diamonds”, “Fall in Love”, “Same Old Blues”, and the show closer “YDGMHA”. This duo is exploding and the next time they make it to Chicago, it will be at a much bigger venue. Perhaps we will be seeing them at one of the many music festivals coming up this summer.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/jryzEU7WAlg”]

If you have yet to see them live before, do what you can to make it to their next show.

Phantogram Setlist:

  1. You’re Mine > 2. Same Old Blues > 3. Don’t Move > 4. Turning Into Stone > 5. Black Out Days > 6. Run Run Blood > 7. Mouthful of Diamonds > 8. Answer > 9. Destroyer > 10. Bad Dreams > 11. Calling All > 12. Howling at the Moon > 13. Fall in Love > 14. When I’m Small


15. Barking Dog > 16. Cruel World > 17. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore