June 15, 2024

Jordan Rakei Brings a Gorgeous Set to a Sold Out Subterranean

Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei is currently on his first tour of the US alongside his live band, brought an incredibly unique show to Chicago.

For those who don’t know much about Jordan Rakei, he moved to Australia at the age of three, spending most of his childhood in Brisbane. Releasing a short EP entitled Groove Curse which gained a lot of attention in both UK and US. Shortly after, he worked alongside Disclosure on their album Caracal as well as with UK artist Tom Misch. In 2016, he released Cloak which propelled Jordan into a world of his own, proving he was an artist ready to make waves of his own.

With a line out the front, fans eagerly waited to get into Subterranean for their first chance to catch Jordan Rakei. Some of them, including myself have been waiting since 2014 and the anticipation was apparent. Fans talked with each other about their reasons for loving Jordan, his sound and anticipated tracks.

Taking the stage around 11pm, the crowd erupted, a fan from the balcony announced he had driven from Madison, WI just for him. Beginning with Eye to Eye, it was apparent that the entire crowd were dye hard fans, everyone around me knew the words and had the largest grins on their faces. What can only be described as angelic, Jordan blessed the Subterranean with various tracks from multiple releases.

His set included May, Sorceress, Add the Bass-line, Goodbyes, Groove Curse and more. Jordan ended with Talk to Me, a gem amongst the treasure of his discography. Involving the crowd and having everyone sing along was one of the most incredible experiences I have had at a show in years. He thanked the crowd and exited, later returning to do a quick meet and great for the fans who stayed. An absolutely phenomenal musicians, keep your eye on Jordan in the future.