Joey Bada$$ All AmeriKKKan Bada$$

Review: Joey The All-AmeriKKKan BadA$$

It’s not often that a young emcee grows into everything the culture wants plus some things they didn’t expect. Joey Bada$$ is one of those rare cases. Joey’s latest release All-AmeriKKKan BadA$$ is a showing of unbelievable growth, talent and awareness. The rhymes are solid and digging deep. The beats are hard and the message is clear. Now, it’s on the “starved hip-hop audience” to support accordingly.

My personal favorite song on this album is “Rockabye Baby” with ScHoolboy Q. The album’s energy picks up where this song starts. Q keeps his consistency solid and lends a great verse on a clear album highlight. And if you got the guts scream “F**k Donald Trump!”

A very rare J. Cole feature has made an album on the song “Legendary”. We already know the “Cole World Delegation” will herald this as one of the top songs of 2017. In their defense it is a very dope song. You may need to give them a break on this. “Legendary” should be in a Spike Lee Joint. “Super Predator” features one of my favorite rappers ever, Styles P. For the young hip-hop fans that may not know how dope and versatile SP can be. This track is a great refresher and reminder.

From intro into songs like “For My People” “Land of The Free” “Devastated” “Y U Don’t Love Me [Miss Amerikka]” down to it’s outro. The All-AmeriKKKan BadA$$ album is a constant call for change, assistance and answers to all of the madness going on in our world today. It’s a want to be apart of the solution and America instead of a target and victim of AmeriKKKA.

If you’ve been disappointed with the lack of “socially conscious music” that has been put out recently. You now have another project to add to your Common, Kendrick Lamar, Vic Mensa and Run The Jewels folder. This project is not limited to it’s standard “one song for the people”. This may be the soundtrack for young and frustrated black american in 2017.

The All-AmeriKKKan BadA$$ is a call out to everyone saying “I don’t f**k with these new rappers”. You better change that talk up right now. Cause Joey’s album is fire! Don’t worry. This is technically only album number two for Joey BadA$$. So you’re not that late. Get in tune right now with the All-AmeriKKKan BadA$$ album.

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