June 14, 2024

Interview: Rob Jones Winn The Creator talks Music, Production and More

Rob Jones Winn The Creator could be the poster child for versatility. In the above video, the Chicago-based multi-genre singer, songwriter and producer sits down to chop it up with us regarding his come up, and his insights on the game. He had much to discuss as a music industry veteran, having put over 15 years of work in, but here is a brief recap of a few of the things he had to say.

[CM]: How long have you been producing music?

[RJC]: I was introduced to music at an early age. I started playing the piano at the age of 10, and after learning how to play the piano I started going into composing my own music. I realized I could do that, so I just started writing and coming up with my own compositions.

[CM]: What artists have you worked with?

[RJC]: I enjoyed working with Lil Durk, had a chance to put in some work with Kelz, really enjoyed that.

[CM]: What was it like working in Atlanta?

[RJC]: Man, it was an experience, it was crazy. People in my city, Chicago, they love my music, but that came over time… A lot of people in the city wasn’t creating the sound that I was. So when I went to Atlanta and they heard my sound, I was only out there for about less than a month, and my name was buzzing all around there. I worked with 112, Gucci Mane, Future, and a few more.

Catch more of his insights in the full interview.