April 21, 2024

Gucci and Metro Boomin Heat The Streets with “Droptopwop”

There was a time where the last thing I wanted to hear was a Gucci Mane record. I didn’t understand the appeal and the following. As the saying goes, today is a new day. This “New Gucci” is definitely something you need in your whip in 2017. The latest addition to the East Atlanta Santa’s catalog is Droptopwop. A collaboration with the undisputed sound of the trap, Metro Boomin.

This new Gucci Mane project may be his most solid and complete project to date. Gucci keeping his word at the focus of “quality over quantity” and has delivered a very solid 10 track project that is sure to bang throughout the summer.

The brightest moment on the Droptopwop is the “F a hater anthem” titled “Hurt A Ni**a Feelings”. This one is sure to be quoted and recited through all social media platforms, even if you don’t have the 20 million dollar home and the coupe worth half a million. That’s never stopped the masses before and it won’t start today. My favorite line on the entire album is on this song. “Baby licking the back of my balls now I can’t even think.” If you don’t aspire to do have that. You got life all wrong.

Another fire joint on Droptopwop is “Met Gala” with Offset of The Migos. There are two things we as a hip-hop community need to stop doing after hearing this song. 1, stop saying Quavo needs to go solo and saying “I don’t know the other Migos”. 2, recognize that Offset has one of the best flows in the game right now. Whether you love the bars or not. When Offset hops on a track, the energy heightens and he stands out. Let’s start giving this man his proper respect. My personal favorite track is “Bucket List”. It feels motivational and makes you want the finer things and stay out of trouble. Yes, you read that correct. Selling dope and going to jail is not on Droptopwop’s bucket list.

It ain’t a chick I feel that I can’t get, man that’s that sucka ish – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has a joint called “Finesse The Plug”. I’m sure this is going to steer the “plug treatment” in a new direction. “Helpless” sounds like an Atlanta strip club go and the “Tho Freestyle” honestly is solid. Whether it was off the dome or not, I respect it.

“Both Eyes Closed” is another dope record on Droptopwop. It features 2 Chainz and a Young Dolph verse that may make you want to listen to his last project if you haven’t already. Dolph showed out on this one. Might gain some new fans with this one.

Whether you have always loved Gucci Mane or just now getting on the wave; You will be impressed with Droptopwop. Gucci Mane is solid start to finish and Metro Boomin’s sound is beginning to evolve. They’re a great combination and the streets definitely win with this one.