March 22, 2023

Alina Baraz’s voice stuns stuns the crowd at Lincoln Hall

Alina Baraz

Sometimes you don’t need pyrotechnics and special effects to leave a crowd stunned. Sometimes all you need is a powerful voice. There’s no doubt 23-year old Alina Baraz has a tremendous voice. With her band backing her, the singer wowed the crowd at Lincoln Hall on March 23.

Foregoing the typical audience banter, Baraz instead let her music do the talking. From the dreamy vibe of “Pretty Thoughts” to the romantic “High,” Baraz never missed a mark. Her voice was tremendous and she stayed humble throughout, thanking the crowd at every turn.

With her sheer talent, there’s no question you’ll be seeing more of Baraz soon. Better catch her at these intimates shows while you still can. Check out our gallery of the night below.

Photos: Jeremy Franklin

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