Young the Giant, Cold War Kids, and Joywave rock Northerly Island

Young the Giant returns to Chicago for a memorable evening out on Northerly Island.  This time they brought along Joywave and Cold War Kids, resulting in one solid night of great music.

Joywave is quickly growing and wowing crowds every chance they get.  They even announced a headlining show during their set that will take place at Lincoln Hall in November.  Highly recommended show if you are not familiar with them.

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Cold War Kids are such a passionate group on stage.  It resonates in the lyrics and music to the point that their message that they bring becomes a part of you. Even covering Rihanna’s song “Love on the Brain” was something to behold.  This being my first time seeing them live, I was in awe of their sheer talent.

Young the Giant yet again proved why they have such a raucous crowd.  Sameer is one of the most energetic frontmen I have ever seen perform live.  The way the crowd feeds off him alone speaks volumes of what this band can truly bring to the stage on any given night. They packed in the hits throughout their set. Kicking it off with “Amerika”, “Something to Believe In”, and “I Got”, it was clear that this show was going to be top notch.  Even playing tracks from their most recent album showed that their library is diverse and packed full of great music. Hearing an acoustic Firelight was absolutely beautiful.

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Each time they return to Chicago, they play a much larger venue than the last.  Young the Giant is on a trajectory that gives them the opportunity to be selling out arenas real soon. Do what you can to see them sooner rather than later. Witnessing their brilliance in a small setting is a must.  Unfortunately that won’t be easy to do very soon.


Joywave Setlist:

  1. Now > 2. It’s a Trip! > 3. Little Lies You’re Told > 4. Destruction > 5. Doubt > 6. Somebody New > 7. Tongues

Cold War Kids Setlist:

  1. All This Could Be Yours > 2. Miracle Mile > 3. Hang Me Up to Dry > 4. Can We Hang On > 5. Love Is Mystical > 6. Restless > 7. Mexican Dogs > 8. Love on the Brain (Rihanna cover) > 9. Lost That Easy > 10. So Tied Up > 11. Hospital Beds > 12. First > 13. Something Is Not Right With Me

Young The Giant Setlist:

  1. Amerika > 2. Something to Believe In > 3. I Got > 4. Anagram > 5. Titus > 6. Mr. Know-It-All > 7. It’s About Time > 8. Cough Syrup > 9. Strings > 10. Firelight > 11. Nothing’s Over > 12. Mind Over Matter > 13. Repeat > 14. Apartment > 15. Home Of The Strange


16. Remix ( R. Kelly cover) > 17. Jungle Youth > 18. Silvertongue > 19. My Body

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