May 27, 2024

Yomi ‘The Harpist’ Releases Four Song EP “Goodbye Autumn”

Photo: Sam Fuehring

After a short yet sweet tour, Yomi returned to Chicago with grace and an impeccable EP release.

Yomi doesn’t aim to hold your hand as you listen through “Goodbye Autumn“, the intention is to wander through it. Almost alien in its production, this EP is immersive and powerful. Rich production washes over listeners; segments of the EP are filled with no sight of Yomi, yet stand-out.

The opening track “Where I’m Standing” reals listeners in, airy yet heavy hitting production rests behind Yomi’s light-hearted vocals. The blend of bass-lines, creep behind specks of harp and synths in a show-stopping way to give first time listeners an intro to remember.

Leading into “Jumped the Gun”, flipping the EP on it’s side. Reminiscent of King Krule and his unique ability to traverse multiple genres within only a few songs. Jazzy undertones hide behind Yomi’s apologetic lyrics. Genres blur as the track continues, on an eerie and broken up beat similar to old Sweet Valley releases.

The fourth and final track has Yomi shining. She sounds peaceful, even gentle while singing about realization of hurt feelings. Whimsical production surrounds the vocalist, bringing this EP’s journey full circle.

While short, ‘Goodbye Autumn’ is a remarkable release from one of Chicago’s promising up-and-comers. Working alongside Qari, Emily Blue, Jasper MacRae, Elton Aura, Phoelix, GreenSllime and Blake Davis – Yomi is one artist everyone should keep their eyes on.