October 1, 2023

Umphrey’s McGee hometown show gets cut short at Northerly Island


Umphrey’s McGee returned to Chicago to play a one off show. Fans were extremely eager as UM gives Chicago some very memorable shows.  What should have been a long and insane show turned out to be shortened by a very nasty storm. Umphrey’s were not even able to finish their first set. It did make for a memorable show though. The band made it about an hour into their 1st set before halting the show. Fans scrambled out of the venue as fast as possible trying to seek shelter wherever they could. Unfortunately there isn’t much anywhere near the venue and with how hard the rain came down, you were very much soaked.

The time that was spent with the band, we were able to get a small taste of what was shaping up to be an epic setlist. Fans were able to enjoy “All In Time”, “Mantis”, and “The Linear”. I honestly was wondering what we may have been able to hear and see the rest of the night if Mother Nature had not wreaked wet havoc on downtown Chicago.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/J01EbjRYGF4″]

One of the best shining outcomes though is that Chicago has been given a rescheduled date. September 23rd they will return to Huntington Bank Pavilion with a night that will give fans 3 sets. That is also including a rare acoustic set. So what initially seemed to be somewhat of a bummer way to enjoy some face melting goodness, turned into an epic announcement. If you were unable to see them on the 21st, you now have a new opportunity in September.


  1. There’s No Crying In Mexico > 2. All In Time > 3. Speak Up > 4. Preamble > 5. Mantis (Stairway to Heaven tease) > 6. Cut The Cable > 7. The Linear > SHOW HALTED DUE TO VIOLENT STORM

Enjoy the partial photo set: