March 2, 2024

Tei Shi Hits All the High Notes on Her First Headlining Show in Chicago

Tei Shi’s first headlining gig swung by Schubas Tavern last night to promote her full-length debut “Crawl Space.”  Three attractive men walked through the crowd and onto the tiny stage donning checkered flannel button-up vests.  Fans giddily stared at the venue’s stage-adjacent side door, eagerly awaiting the indie electronic songstress’ entrance.  Bursting through the door and onto the stage, Tei Shi was met with a wave of excited cheers.

Opening with “How Far,” the tiny venue was packed with fans who knew the words to most of her songs.  The airy-voiced singer spent the majority of the set crooning into a relatively stationary microphone stand.  On occasion, she’d switch over to another mic to record and loop her vocals to add a layered effect to the live show.  On some of the more popular and bass-heavy tracks, she set the mic stand aside to give herself room to dance in what little center stage space was available.  The singer impressively hit her high notes and maintained the sort of cool girl chill that makes so many of her songs slinky, dreamy, and well-suited for a romp in the bedroom.  She ended the night with “Bassically,” climbing the mountain of vocalization as she built the crowd up to end on the energetic high note of the evening.


Valerie Teicher, better known by her stage name Tei Shi, was born in Argentinia to Colombian parents.  Teicher grew up in Colombia and Canada before moving to her current home base in New York City.


  • How Far
  • Baby
  • Creep
  • Keep Running
  • See Me
  • Year 3K
  • Justify
  • Como si
  • Lift Mr
  • Crawl
  • Nevermind the End
  • Say You Do
  • Sleepy
  • Bassically