June 15, 2024

Rammstein breaths fire into the crowd at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater

Well we have seen a resurgence in Rammstein touring in the US and they have been very good to the Midwest. This time they descended on Tinley Park at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. For it being a Tuesday night, it did not stop fans from attending in droves. Fans from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, and Peru all traveled here to see one of the best live shows on the planet.

Once Rammstein took the stage, they kicked it off hard with “Ramm 4” and the night only got better from there. The showmanship of this band is one that you don’t see from other bands. It is a strictly timed performance due to the amount of pyrotechnics that at are used at each show. So it ends up being not very different from show to show each tour. That however doesn’t take away from the true scope of what you will witness at a live show.

Till Lindeman is a true master of ceremonies as he takes you on a fiery visual journey while feeding off of the crowds energy. What you get is a gritty yet beautiful performance throughout the night. This tour though had a few older songs thrown in which gave die hard fans a reason to really cheer.  The biggest were “Hallelujah” and “Seemann”. What really gave fans the most to roar about was the visual spectacle of songs like “Feuer Frei!” and “Du Hast”, the song that most people associate with them yet have heard nothing else. Seriously do yourself a favor and see them if you haven’t given them more of a listen. Their catalog is actually quite deep and I could see them doing a 2 night run in multiple cities to really delve into said catalog.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IxuEtL7gxoM”]

No matter what, this will be one of the best live shows I will have attended this year.  The craziness of it all only adds to the intrigue of what these guys bring at each show. Even getting the Depeche Mode cover of “Stripped” did not disappoint.

When they came out for the encore You pretty much had a guessing game of what we may see get played. “Amerika” is a true staple and the show closer “Engel” is never to be missed. There were quite a few songs that fans stuck around hoping they would still play, but no luck.  The biggest songs missing from the show were “Buck Dich”, “Te Quiero Pùta”, and “Pussy”. Songs that very much lean on the side of taboo.



  1. Ramm 4 > 2. Reise, Reise > 3. Hallelujah > 4. Zerstören  > 5. Keine Lust > 6. Feuer Frei! > 7. Seemann > 8. Ich Tu Dir Weh > 9. Du Riechst So Gut > 10. Meinz Herz Brennt > 11. Links 2-3-4 > 12. Ich Will > 13. Du Hast > 14. Stripped


15. Sonne > 16. Amerika > 17. Engel > outro. Ohne Dich (Piano Version)

Enjoy the photos!