June 15, 2024

NE-HI Record Release Show at The Empty Bottle


The Chicago band NE-HI sold out the Empty Bottle on Friday for the release show of their latest album Offers. Having had played a show earlier in the day at Shuga Records, they did not show any exhaustion from it with their energy on stage being palpable.

Forming in 2013 to score a friends film, the Chicago residing NE-HI released their second album Offers February 24, 2017. Their performance at The Empty Bottle pledged allegiance to rock’n’roll with the crowd being prompted to throw their empty beer cans on stage to the sounds of guitar anthems.

NE-HI was joined by two other Chicago rock groups, Deeper and Cafe Racer. Both bands were a perfect choice, as they excited the crowd and kept it in the ‘family.’

  NE-HI’s set list included:

  • Sisters
  • Prove
  • Buried on the Moon
  • Since I’ve Been Thinking
  • Palm of Hand
  • Offers
  • Out of Reach
  • Time Wanna
  • You Tell Me
  • Stay Young

They ended the night with their song “Turncoat” and people crawling up onto the stage to join them in celebration of their latest success.