October 1, 2023

Mild High Club at Lincoln Hall: Chicago’s much-needed night of relaxation

Mild High Club

Once again, our Chicago psych-funk favorites, Mild High Club returned home and delivered an amazing show to all of their fans, new and old. This time, the band was accompanied by Paul Cherry and Lucille Furs.

After the 2016 album release, “Skiptracing,” Mild High Club fans were in awe. How was it possible to have an album more relaxed and chill than “Timeline?” We’re still not sure, to be honest. But somehow Alex Brettin managed to pull it off. The album set high expectations, but this tour did not disappoint.

Lucille Furs kicked the night off with hits from their debut album. The psychedelic rock was perfectly complementary to the vibes that Mild High Club would later pull off. The crowd was definitely feeling the music, and a lot of the fans commented how impressed they were that such a new band had such a sophisticated and mellow sound. Immediately after their set, the members of Lucille Furs could be found jamming out in the crowd with the rest of the fans.


After a short break, Paul Cherry took the stage. The more rock-like group played an incredible set filled with songs from their 2014 album as well as treating fans with a few sneak peaks from their upcoming album. The band was so thankful to all of their fans and to Mild High Club for inviting them to play. The frontman, Paul Cherry even thanked his mom during the set for driving him to the venue (after his set, Cherry was found still gushing about how thankful he was that his mom drove him).

Finally, after two incredibly bands, Mild High Club began their set. As always, the band started of the set with their Club Intro.  They then proceeded to play the best songs from Timeline, Skiptracing and more. While a few technical difficulties occurred, the fans never once worried, because they knew the music would carry them through.

As summer rolls in, we all wish we could spend our days on the beach and not in a cubicle. When the work piles up, just remember this. You can buy a cheap heat lamp for $12 online and have it at your doorstep in two days (Thanks Amazon). Hook that baby up, and listen to some Mild High Club. I promise, all of your worries will melt away.