March 3, 2024

Marian Hill returns to Chicago with an alluring performance at the Vic Theatre

Marian Hill

Within seconds of entering the Vic Theatre, I knew I was in for a treat. The bass shook the bar by the entrance, signaling an early warning to ready my ear plugs. Opener Melvv warmed the crowd up with a pleasant DJ set.

Despite having a name that sounds like a single female performer, Marian Hill consists of singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd, neither of whom are named Marian or Hill. The Philadelphia-based duo hit the stage opening with their hit single “Down.”  Samantha sauntered onto stage wearing a black crop top, tiny black velvet shorts layered over fishnets with some killer thigh high boots. For the first few seconds of their set, her outfit set the tone, but Samantha’s seductive vocals and matching dance moves solidified her contribution to the set’s allure. Jeremy joined onstage, enthusiastically dropping beats and mixing Gongol’s vocals, while occasionally throwing in a few of his own dance moves.  Collaborator and crowd favorite Steve Davit rounded out their stage presence alternating between playing bass and saxophone and even gracing the stage with a solo dance while Sam ducked backstage for a brief break.

Marian Hill performs at Underground Arts for Red Bull Sound Select in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 27 September 2014. // Ryan Muir / Red Bull Content Pool

The group perfectly captured their signature blend of sultry vocals and R&B beats punctuated by memorable sax loops. This is one of the few electronic hybrid acts that successfully translates their recorded material to an energetic live show while managing to capture the essence of their albums. Marian Hill closed out with an encore complete with their most recognizable song “Got It.” The group has an awesome stage dynamic, with each performer riding waves of star-worthy solos then alternating with offering loving support to band mates. Overall, the group’s performance left me and many other audience members feeling pretty damn sexy.

For more from opener Melvv, catch him headlining at Subterranean on October 20th. Tickets available here.