April 16, 2024

Listen to Manic Focus’ new album ‘Minds Rising’

Manic Focus - Rising Minds

Summer comes early with a timeless classic from Chicago’s own Manic Focus. Set with a smooth and electrified soul Manic Focus’ Minds Rising, has little bit of everything. Minds Rising is for anybody looking for a sound they can’t turn away from.

Twin Cities native artist Manic Focus is best known for his multi-dimensional sound. His use of different elements of rhymes and beats makes the Chicago breed artist standout.

The new full-length album is a catalogue of pockets of different styles done right.

Manic Focus showcases his skills in the art of music with nods to his classical roots. In Minds Rising we also see Manic Focus showing love to the electric and hip-hop sound. The also soulful sound is best showcased throughout out the new album.

Manic Focus brings out a roster of talent from Adam Deltch (Lettuce) to the very powerful performance from Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastaio Band). Hartswick’ support, along with Late Night Radio, in “Stronger” makes for a beat that is hard to dislike. The fusion of soul, electronic and

Single “Putting All Of My People, featuring Chicago’s own ProCause, had a clear path to a more aggressive and heavy hip-hop beat. This leads a clear path to a progressive and nonstop sound we hear throughout Minds Rising.

Minds Rising is the perfect album to share to show the bold new direction of a different breed of music. This new style doesn’t balance funk, electronic or hip-hop it respectfully fuses everything and creates a sound that’s hard to duplicate.

Two years in the making Minds Rising, is the biggest release that will turn the most heads to the talented mind of Manic Focus.

Manic Focus was just announced at North Coast Music Festival in Union Park on Sept. 2. Tickets will be available soon here.

Manic Focus – Minds Rising