June 14, 2024

Lettuce and Galactic brought the funk to the Riviera Theatre

North Coast Music Festival 2017

Lettuce and Galactic, two titans of funk, were absolutely on fire. Galactic kicked off the night and was joined by Erica Falls.  The night quickly became a party that felt like you were in the heart of the French Quarter. Erica had fans eagerly taking in every word she sang and spoke.  From the moment they began, Galactic had the entire crowd on their feet and dancing. Even if you aren’t familiar with them, you can’t help getting completely caught up in the moment and letting yourself go. Be sure to give this fantastic group a listen.  You just may feel like getting up and dancing yourself.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rbCL_Fv2RaI”]

After a brief intermission, Lettuce took to the stage. Picking up right where Galactic left off, Lettuce hit hard and did not let up.  Erick Coomes being front and center playing bass, he gives fans a show while playing a flawless set. Their stage setup is simple, but it works so well with what they are delivering to fans. They heighten the senses throughout the show with a portion of the audience left speechless and in awe. The guys delivered and could have easily kept playing for another hour with no complaints from everyone in attendance.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/gTkXEV_z5dY”]

Be on the look out for both of these groups to make their way back to Chicago.  They may just be back here before the year is out and it will definitely be a party that we all are invited to.

Photos below the setlist.

Galactic Setlist:

  1. Boban > 2. Higher and Higher* > 3. Hard Times* > 4. Never Called You Crazy* > 5. 65 Bars and Taste of Soul > 6. You Don’t Know* > 7. Hey Na Na* > 8. Right On* > 9. Big Whiskers > 10. Clap Your Hands* > 10. Like a Rolling Stone* 11. AP Touro > 12. Dolla Diva* > 13. Going Down*   (* Erica Falls accompany’s Galactic)

Lettuce Setlist:

  1. Crushmore > 2. Gogo > 3.  Khru > 4. Morning Mr. Shmink > 5. Elephant Walk > 6. Madison Square > 7. Remember The Children > 8. Moksha > 9. Force > 10. House