May 23, 2024

Lawrence Jones release new EP “Galaxy | Evolution”

Lawrence Jones Galaxy | Evolution

Lawrence ‘Law’ Jones has taken a quantum leap from behind performers as a supporting musician to owning centre stage. Law Jones is gift wrapping all that he is into his debut EP Galaxy | Evolution

Mastering the sound, creating a genuine narrative and expressing vulnerability as a human being Galaxy | Evolution introduces Law. This EP is made up of songs that bring everyday life experiences to a soundtrack. With a sound that resonates with your soul and expands your horizons this EP is a compilation of songs that set everyday life experiences to a soundtrack. Through battling depression and becoming a father Galaxy | Evolution is emotionally impactful, powerful in delivery and exceptional in execution. Intertwining wordplay in titles such as the single “Blue Skies” ft. Mys Michelle, the lyrics on the EP tell stories that are raw and real; a narrative of life, through his eyes.  

Galax | Evolution is produced by Law Jones along side Stellar Award winning producer Darryl ‘Lil Man’ Howell for DLEMARMUSIC. This EP both effortlessly and flawlessly introduces Law as a multitalented, versatile and unique music artist. Get ready to open your minds to his distinctive sound. 

Listen to Galaxy | Evolution