August 10, 2020

Law Tha Dragon drops “I’m Good” first single from his upcoming EP “Free Spirit”

Law Tha Dragon

The bubbling cauldron of Chicago underground hip hop spawns another one – this time coming from rapper Law Tha Dragon. The tack, “I’m Good”, captures an interesting tone – It’s a mix of light-heartedness and seriousness. It’s the first single off of his upcoming EP “Free Spirit, which will be releasing on March 15th. Not to take away from Law’s contributions to this, but the production by Mr W Beatz on “I’m Good” is just crazy. Law then takes this and layers a couple of fun and hard hitting verses and the end result is a dope product that’s enjoyable to listen to.

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The hook is catchy in a non-invasive way, which is a major asset to any song. Props to Law for the creativity behind it, and the song in general. Salute to Law and producer Mr W Beatz for stirring the pot in a real way. We’re looking ahead for the full EP release in the coming weeks – until then stay close to his Sound Cloud.

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