Photos: Ghost-Note and Shaun Martin Perfectly Delivered Vibes and Funk at Reggies

Ghoste-Note and Shaun Martin brought their talents to Reggies in Chicago for a blend Funk, Soul, Jazz and more. The night was kicked off by Grammy Award winning Shaun Martin. His set featured Go-Go Music and impromptu covers of our favorite songs. Shaun will be releasing an album in July entitled “Focus“. Ghost-Note took the stage playing some songs from their latest album Swagism. Hearing this album played live was absolutely amazing. Sput and Nate began playing their tune “Swagism” and the vibes poured in. Songs like Fragile, Weedie B. Good, Milk Shake took us to higher heights. Throughout their set they featured band members from Chicago’s own Sidewalk Chalk. There wasn’t a body that stood still as they unleashed melodies and riffs. Closing out their set with Sput trading off on set with Calvin Rodgers! Check out the photos and videos from the night.

Photos by Kevin Baker @ImKevinBaker

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