May 27, 2024

Freddie Gibbs’ music spoke volumes over the packed crowd at the Metro

Freddie Gibbs

Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs had his share of ups and downs throughout his life, yet he shakes it off like it’s nothing. When Gibbs took the stage the crowd went absolutely crazy. Welcoming him home with a lot of love is what fueled Gangsta Gibbs. He seemed to be in good spirits during his show at the Metro Thursday night and clearly enjoying being back in the rap game. Gibbs performed cuts from his latest album, You Only Live 2wice, including “20 Karat Jesus.” He also blazed through hits from his previous records ESGN and Shadow of a Doubt. Relive the night with our photo gallery below.

Words by Ashley Perez

Freddie Gibbs Photos by: Kevin Baker 

Freddie Gibbs Video shot by: Kevin BakerChopped by Lateef Idris