June 15, 2024

Evanescence Synthesis Tour Live at The Chicago Theater

Evanescence, Chicago Theatre, December 10, 2017 Photo : Heriberto Quiroz

Evanescence synthesis performance was as promise to fans both young and old. Since their 2011 self- titled LP. Amy Lee open with style and with a glimpse of unreal. The show opened with “Never Go Back” while the audience was captivated by a glamorous light show coordinated with the orchestra.

Lee on the other had a stunning black dress with a touch a red on the side. While mesmerizing the audience with her astonishing vocal & beautiful piano play. Song’s like: My Immortal, Going Under, & Bring Me To Life still continued the same essence that we still hear today. Her new album Synthesis focuses more of the past and the flourishing of something new and unique in this new perspective direction of the band.