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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds jam out for two nights at Northerly Island

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds tour this summer is definitely different from all previous summers.  To not have the full band touring during the summer is a big change. Initially DMB announced that they would be taking the year off this year and fans were wondering if that meant no music from any of them at all. Luckily fans got the announcement that D&T would go out on the road and give fans the chance to sing and dance the nights away.

The tour kicked off last month in Alabama and its much shorter than what fans are used to since it is ending June 18th. The stop here in Chicago brought fans from all over the country in droves and it was most certainly a hot ticket. What you see when converging on the venue is one of a massive family reunion. People tailgating and setting up picnics around the venue before the show catching up on what has transpired in their lives. Sharing the love for a band and frontman that has brought life long friendships in the most unlikely places.  This band and community is very close knit and the love that is shared is different from other communities and festivals. Every new introduction is immediately met with a hug and the desire to learn as much as possible about the person that you are introduced to. It makes you appreciate life.

Once you finally arrived in Huntington Bank Pavilion each night, everyone was eager to get to their seats to start the show. Dave and Tim would come out to a crowd that was extremely thankful to be there. The energy that was shared in and around the venue was intoxicating. As soon as they opened up the two night run with “Lie In Our Graves” you could tell this was going to be an exciting weekend.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/deiTihKwr4c”]

Throughout the weekend, fans were treated to a healthy total of 56 songs spread over the 2 nights. Some of the highlights were “So Damn Lucky”, “Why I Am”, “#41”, “Little Thing”, “The Stone”, “Rapunzel”, and “BOWA”. Obviously for so many there are countless other favorites and fans will debate to no end on what are the best songs, like I heard this past weekend.

The one thing that you get from a D&T show that is in much higher doses than from full band shows is what fans refer to as Dave Speak. Dave is full of interesting and quirky stories that grab your attention and most times you can’t help but laugh. It’s genuinely more intimate than a full band show. Something I wasn’t expecting.

Even though the tour is finishing up this weekend on the east coast, fans know that the band will be back soon enough and traveling all over to see them live will begin again. It’s wild to find out how many times fans have seen Dave Matthews, in some form, perform. The dedication is real with fans that have broke 100, 200, 300, and even 350 shows. The LoVE just over flows with this band!

Enjoy the photo gallery below the setlists.

Night 1 Setlist:

  1. Lie In Our Graves > 2. Satellite > 3. Save Me > 4. What Would You Say > 5. Dive In > 6. Funny The Way It Is > 7. Warehouse > 8. Proudest Monkey > 9. Stay or Leave > 10. So Damn Lucky > 11. Bismarck > 12. Crush > 13. Che (Tim Solo) > 14. Out of My Hands > 15. Worried Man Blues > 16. Samurai Cop > 17. You and Me > 18. Grey Street > 19. Manfood (Tim Solo) > 20. #41 > 21. Where Are You Going > 22. Don’t Drink The Water > 23. Two Step


24. Why I Am > 25. The Song That Jane Likes > 26. Jimi Thing

Night 2 Setlist:

  1. Little Thing > 2. Bartender > 3. Granny > 4. You Might Die Trying > 5. So Much To Say > 6. Gravedigger > 7. When The World Ends > 8. Corn Bread > 9. Little Red Bird > 10. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) > 11. One Sweet World > 12. Tripping Billies > 13. Jemez Rolling Waves (Tim Solo) > 14. Death On The High Seas > 15. The Stone > 16. A Whiter Shade of Pale > 17. Minarets > 18. Too Much > 19. All Along The Watchtower > 20. If The Ocean Had Its Way (Tim Solo) > 21. The Space Between > 22. Everyday (#36 Intro) > 23. Rapunzel > 24. The Best of What’s Around > 25. Dancing Nancies


26. Some Devil (Dave Solo) > 27. Crash Into Me > 28. Ants Marching


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