April 21, 2024

Dave Matthews Band returns after a hiatus and with a new look

Dave Matthews Band

After an official year and a half off as a full band with a few shows sprinkled in during that time off, Dave Matthews Band is back with a slightly different look and sound. By now you have heard much of what happened with the band in the time off and what has come out of it is a revitalized band with a new found love for what they do. Dave Matthews and the guys have brought on the help and talent of Buddy Strong on the keys.  It’s not a new sound for the band as in they have had previous help on the keys, but Buddy brings a much funkier sound to this tour.  Just from photographing the very first night of the 3 night run you could tell he was on cloud 9 being on this tour.  He truly has been giving it his all the entire time in every way possible.

All 3 nights were memorable with tour debuts, and deep cuts being played for the die hard fans and the radio staples being played for the casual fans. Some of the biggest highlights were the Peter Gabriel cover of “Sledgehammer”, the Bob Dylan cover of “All Along the Watchtower”, “Seek Up”, “Warehouse”, the live debut of “Here On Out”, “So Right”, and “Cornbread”.

Being the middle of the tour, these guys are now in full stride and firing on all cylinders. The chemistry is perfect with all the guys and you can tell they are definitely having a great time together through their music. With this also being an album tour for “Come Tomorrow”, fans are getting a healthy dose of their most recent work each and every night. “Samurai Cop” is the track that is being played all the time with the remainder of the tracks popping up here and there at shows. The songs that fans are clamoring for from the new album are “She”, “Virginia in the Rain”, “Idea of You”, “Can’t Stop”, “Do You Remember”, and “Again and Again”. All solid tracks that fit nicely in the band’s catalog.  It will be interesting to see what tracks develop into more jam style songs out on the tours ahead.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/3c8uD6UeB9E”]

Many may have thought that fans were not going to get the same band that they have loved in years past, or that this was the beginning of the end… I can assure you after this past weekend, that is not the case at all. These guys are here to stay for the foreseeable future and fans will continue to flock to their shows in droves.

Be sure to check them out on their remaining tour dates if they come through your city.  Their catalog of songs to play is growing with Buddy along for the ride and fans will be treated to many more tour debuts in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the photos below the setlists.

Night 1 Chicago Setlist:

  1. Do You Remember > 2. Stay or Leave > 3. Rooftop > 4. #41 > 5. Again and Again > 6. Sledgehammer {Peter Gabriel cover} > 7. What Would You Say > 8. Can’t Stop > 9. Don’t Drink the Water > 10. Louisiana Bayou > 11. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) > 12. You Might Die Trying > 13. Come On Come On > 14. Lying in the Hands of God > 15. You & Me > 16. All Along the Watchtower {Bob Dylan cover} > 17. Digging a Ditch > 18. Jimi Thing (Sexy M.F. Interpolation)


19. Why I am > 20. Grey Street