October 1, 2023

Crystal Garden brings Schubas a Funky and stellar show

Crystal Garden is getting into the swing of a full tour. Performing at Schubas on a day that is widely celebrated by fans and musicians alike, the night was going to be fun for all. Both Crystal Garden and it’s opener for the evening, Arclight, were playing to a crowd that mostly had never heard them live. It ended up being great for both since they gave the crowd a memorable night.

Arclight hails from Chicago. The quartet plays a style that fans in attendance felt are strongly influenced by Radiohead. The set was beautiful and melodic. The way the songs ebbed and flowed like a soft tide on a lake. Their style was mesmerizing and I honestly want to catch these guys out at one of the clubs in the coming weeks. Hopefully they will get more opportunities to open up for more great bands and quickly build their exposure.

For Crystal Garden, they have an eager following for the fact that they have a popular musician that helped form them. Boyd Tinsley brought this trio together and their style is refreshing in a day and age where Rock N’ Roll is, in a matter of speaking, trying to find itself. When you listen to the album, it is mello and melodic, but where these guys truly shine is on stage. They blend funk and rock n’ roll seamlessly when they are performing on the road. The energy that comes from these guys through their vocals, instruments, and chemistry on stage shows that they are a perfect match.  The audience was hooked the entire time.

Fans may have come to see Boyd on stage, but left fans of Crystal Garden at the end of the night. I am intrigued to see what these guys can do in the months and years to come. Boyd may have put these guys together, but Mycle, Charlie, and Matt are going to make a name for themselves.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/RcR2ViD9E54″]

The next time either of these bands have a show, try to catch them.  Definitely worth it for an evening of great music!