September 29, 2023

Chicago Musicians Send Love to the World with New Song “Empower”


Empower is written by Emily Blue with featured verses from Gem Tree and Ric Wilson, as well as the accompaniment of 15 artists within the city. All proceeds from the song will be going to Cure Violence, a charity dedicated to violence prevention.

An absolutely beautiful release, the song is a mesmerizing lull of harmony and heartache. Speaking on the cruelties we experience day-to-day and how to band together in this troubling time. These artists urge everyone to spread love and ’empower’, growing as a community. Gem Tree & Ric Wilson deliver poetic verses speaking on the ills of a culture built around blame instead of familiarity – “pointing fingers instead of holding hands.”

Impactful and timely, “Empower” left us speechless. A powerful release backed by incredible musicians. We can only hope that this impacts others as much as it has us.

“In response to the tragedy in Las Vegas (among other countless acts of domestic terror and violence in our country), Chicago is sending our love to the world with a brand new song, “Empower.” – Emily Blue