September 25, 2023

5 Chicago local artists to check out at Lollapalooza

Let’s dive into the incredible lineup at this year’s Lollapalooza. Chicago artists came to represent at one of the largest music festivals in the world. The talent to tough but their Chicago breed artist standout in a big way. Below let’s visit five artists that call Chicago their home that you absolutely can’t miss at this year’s Lollapalooza!

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Indie-rock band Whitney will represent the Chicago indie scene well. The young band will have the perfect match of blended tunes and heart wrenching lyrics. Their debut album Light Upon the Lake is one of the best pieces of work coming out from Chicago in the past few years. Seeing them rock the stage at Lollapalooza will be a great experience for the young band. It definitely won’t be the last time on the Lollapalooza stage.

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After an incredible year of appearances at Saturday Night Live, Bronzeville native Noname will be making her Lollapalooza debut. The spoken word artist made the past year her own with her soulful and honest approach to storytelling that we hear in her latest protect, Telefone.

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Kweku Collins

Closed Sessions rapper Kweku Collins will bring his poetry and melodic rap sound to life at Lollapalooza. Making his Lollapalooza debut, the Evanston (close enough) native will represent the young label well. He will be rubbing shoulders with some heavyweight rapper while making a bold appearance at Lollapalooza in his own right.

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The O’ My’s

Rock meets soul back again when the O’ My’s return at Lollapalooza. Showing early support in their career to the likes of Chance The Rapper, the O’ My’s will receive a long overdue warm welcome. Seeing Maceo Haymes taking the stage with Nick Hennessey, Boyang Matsapola, Baron Golden, Erick Mateo will bring the longtime Chicago favorites to new heights. If you haven’t already do yourself a favor and check out their EP, Keeping The Faith.

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Chance The Rapper

This one goes without saying. If you’re from Chicago, you have to come through and support Chicago’s biggest name in the business. Chance The Rapper just a few short years ago performed at the smaller BMI stage. This year, Chance The Rapper will headline August 5 on the main stage expecting his biggest crowd to date.

After a number of incredible accolades for the young 24-year-old artist, Chance The Rapper will bring it all home at Lollapalooza. After his three well deserved Grammy wins, donating over 1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School District and widely praised third released mixtape Coloring Book, Chance’s set will be one to remember for years to come.

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