May 27, 2024

Chicago artist Femdot releases EP “to(u)”


A very dope EP is out right now and you need to get your ears around it. It’s from an artist named Femdot and his EP is titled to(u). This is a follow up EP, from his last two projects titled  fo(u)r. and thr(we). that dropped in 2016 under the brand “Pigeons and Planes”. The Chicago native lets you into his outlook on relationships, and shows a bountiful mix of confidence, self reflection, and nostalgia. This is jammed packed into four songs, each written with a special person in mind.

This project is laced with a lot of classic R&B samples and real life relationship situations. It’s infectious and the lyrics stay solid from start to finish. Femdot is a “new to me” artist, so I’m definitely going to get up to speed after listening to to(u). I absolutely think you should do the same.


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Follow the artist @femdotdotcom

Follow the producers of to(u): 

D.Phelps (@dphelps94), Shaan Mehta (@NewZealandShaan), & Mike Wavvs (@mikewavvs)