December 1, 2023

BADBADNOTGOOD and Morimoto Plays sold out show at Lincoln Hall


BADBADNOTGOOD, the hip-hop jazz group played Lincoln Hall last week, and proved that their band name is just a name. The show was unlike anything like Chicago had ever seen before. The sold-out show was kicked off by Morimoto, a group of talented young Chicago musicians.

Morimoto played their jazzy music, and the crowd was fascinated. Between the brass instruments,  and multiple vocalists there were endless contributions to the band’s sound. Morimoto was the perfect band to start off the night.

Following the local group’s set was Mattson 2, a jazz-rock group made up of twin brothers Jared and Johnathan. The girls in the crowd screamed for the brothers and their accents. Mattson 2 contributed enhanced the chill atmosphere that Morimoto had set. The brothers played an hour long set that felt like one continuous wave of music. The songs flowed together seamlessly.

After a quick break, badbadnotgood took the stage wearing colorful wigs and immediately started playing their hits. Seeing Badbadnotgood live is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The band is jazzy and jammy and plays the most insane instrumental hip-hop you’ve ever heard. Each member of the band is so in his element on stage, they rock out and alternate solos following each one with a bow. The crowd went wild with each song, and each solo; there was no limit to the energy the fans were giving.

After an hour and a half, badbadnotgood said goodnight, but not without a killer encore. The boys definitely refuted their name and proved to Chicago that they are anything but bad. If you’re in a notgood mood, or you’re feeling badbad, listen to to some BADBADNOTGOOD and they’ll be sure to have you feeling better.