June 15, 2024

Artist Insight: NoSleep Happ

Artist Insight: NoSleep Happ born Leonard Howard in Freeport, IL. moved to Chicago at the age of 2 where he’s been residing ever since. Growing up on the westside of Chicago and traveling back and forth to Freeport street hustling became a major influence over his life. After legal troubles and getting kicked out of High School Happ started picking up the pen and writing songs. Happ took some money he hustled up and started curating rap shows and college parties. Being in the right social circle helped open the door to some of Chicago’s biggest influencers and Happ’s career took off from there. Headlining his own shows he became a big name throughout the Midwest. Starting to make revenue Happ started his own label “No Sleep Music Group” and the rest has been history.

Check out his mixtape This Ain’t No Rap