Chicago Music Advertising

Chicago Music Offers Advertising Opportunities to Reach Our Custom Premium Audience. 

Chicago Music is a team of media and technology professionals with extensive experience in advertising, marketing, audience data, web analytics, photography and videography. Our expertise ranges across multiple platforms that span web, mobile, video, and social media. Our on-demand service model provides custom support across any point in the digital marketing cycle.

Our audience consists of Multicultural visitors ages 18-34 who speak English and Spanish. Our network boasts consistent monthly traffic that totals up to more than 1M visitors a month, 2M page views, and 1.5M video plays.

We generate media plans involving a variety campaign types with selective audience targets. Analyzing audience behavior and insights allows for smarter campaign decisions, including recommended bids and budgets based on campaign performance.

Chicago Music Online Marketing Distribution for Businesses, Musicians and Creatives