A Night of Fluidity and Rawness: Wild Nothing at Thalia Hall

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing came to Thalia Hall this week while on tour with Charlie Hilton and local Chicago band, Whitney. The fluidity and rawness of the bands transferred to the crowd; it was everything we wanted and more. The venue was packed with enthusiastic fans and chill vibes.

With a voice as sweet as a lullaby, Charlie Hilton started off the show. Her voice may sound like what candy tastes like, but she is also insanely bad ass. Her synth-pop, indie-rock pulsated through Thalia Hall. The crowd rocked out with Hilton as she played the perfect tune.

Shortly after Hilton left the stage, Whitney took it. Whitney is the perfect partner sound to Charlie Hilton’s sweet and sassy vibes. With a soon to be released debut album, a great performance at SXSW, and back to back tours, the local Chicago band has been come out of nowhere and stolen our hearts.

Listening to Whitney is like listening to your favorite soft-rock/pop classics, but better. The band has a classic acoustic feel, but with a modern spin and brass backups. The trumpet perfectly complements the band’s mood, and being at a Whitney show is so much better. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. There are so many members on stage, working towards a wonderful and unique musicality. Each of the band members is in their own little world, rocking out, but they are also harmonious and connected.

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Whitney’s performance at Thalia Hall was their last with Wild Nothing. They went out with a bang, and a flawless show. The crowd could definitely tell Whitney was celebrating something, and not just because Wild Nothing stopped their set to toast Whitney while downing vodka and kneeling in a circle – which is how we all celebrate our friends leaving.

Whitney’s show was especially great. The energy was high and the sound was mellow. The crowd was infatuated with Whitney, which is a good thing, because they’ll be back in Chicago with Unknown Mortal Orchestra on June 10th.

The music of Charlie Hilton and Whitney is soft and chill. It relaxed the crowd. Everyone thought they had already reached the blissful state that is only found in a concert’s atmosphere, but Wild Nothing came like an explosion. They blew the crowd’s expectations out of the water.

Wild Nothing’s music has a similar vibe to Whitney and Charlie Hilton, but it is heavier. The fluid transition into the rock aspect of Wild Nothing’s music is what blew Chicago’s mind. It was the last push from blissful to euphoric. Multi-instrumentalist, Jack Tatum, simultaneously played piano, guitar, and sang. He played to the crowd’s soul with songs from Life of Pause, and gave the crowd nostalgia with older tracks.

Throughout the set, fans screamed out the names of songs they wanted to hear. They danced, they laughed, they cried, but mostly they danced. Everyone was free to be who they were, and they danced with no shame. They danced whatever they felt, and no one around them could wanted to stop them.

Every aspect of the night came together to create this incredibly beautiful atmosphere. The bands perfectly transitioned into one another, and everyone was free to be rawly themselves. It was apparent that the music struck everyone at their core.

For a taste of the night, download Life of Pause, Wild Nothing’s latest album, and Palana, Charlie Hilton’s album. You should also keep your eye out for Whiney’s debut album Light Upon the Lake, which is due out June 3rd.

Check out some shots of Wild Nothing from the show: 

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