Ticketmaster teams up with Bandsintown for in-app ticketing for local shows

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When it comes to buying tickets, Ticketmaster and Bandsintown are the two sites to hit up. Now, both companies are looking to make the ticket buying experience smoother, according to Techcrunch. It was recently announced that the two are joining forces to make it easier to buy tickets on your phone. North American President of Ticketmaster, Jared Smith, said the company hopes to bring more awareness to new local shows.

“We’ve been partnering with a bunch of people like Bandsintown to drive that awareness,” of events, said Smith. “We have awareness problems in all those key categories so we partner with sites that have audiences that are complimentary to our own.”

The process of buying tickets via Bandsintown app is supposed to be made easier by integrating Ticketmaster’s payment options with Bandsintown’s notifications for local shows.

“Being mobile first and enabling the transaction to happen one-click away from the app is a key progress,” said chief executive Fabrice Sergent. “That will have a significant impact and a positive impact for the app users.”

Based on early beta testing with the app, Ticketmaster estimates that conversion rates could jump by five times.

So how does the new service work? Users just have to open the app on their phone, find the event details for their show, and tap to buy tickets. At this time, users will be asked to input their credit card information, Smith hopes to make integration with various wallets to make for a faster, smoother checkout.

Anything that’s supposed to make buying tickets easier and faster is well welcomed. Signing into websites, making sure you’re not a robot, and refreshing the page when nothing comes up is a hassle and risks tickets being sold out. Having a platform where users can reliably buy tickets without these different steps should take the headache out of trying to see your favorite bands.

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

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