Thin White Duke and Friends: David Bowie Collaborations

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The world was rocked on Monday morning with the news of the passing of music legend, David Bowie. Media outlets from around the world reported that the British rock star had passed away peacefully at his New York home after an 18 month long battle with cancer. Having released a new album, Blackstar, just days before his death, this news came as a shock to his many fans around the world who believed a new chapter was just beginning in the fabled, almost five decade spanning career of Bowie. Fellow musicians from Paul McCartney to Lorde have taken to social media in order to pay their respects to one of the most influential musicians, artists, fashion icons, actors, and all around Renaissance Man of his times. Many of these artists even had the opportunity to work with the legend himself, as his pursuits in music were ever-evolving with the times and influential for generations. To celebrate the lasting legacy of the Thin White Duke, check out six of his musical collaborations.

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