Top 10 Live Sets of 2015

I moved to Chicago from Michigan last fall and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of live music options in this city. There’s truly something for everyone playing somewhere on any given night. It’s been a privilege covering shows in Chicago for the past year, and I know that the shows I’ve seen just cover a small fraction of the great concerts around town every year. Here are my 10 favorite live sets¬†from 2015.

Note: none of the YouTube footage is ours, and most of it is shot by amateurs.

Travis Marmon

Travis Marmon

Travis Marmon moved to Chicago from Clarkston, Michigan in 2014. He is a freelance music writer who has contributed to Noisey, Alternative Press, The Good Men Project and Chicago Music’s sister site, Ruby Hornet. He plays bass in a doom metal band, Flesh of the Stars.

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